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Cordoba Mosque | UNESCO world heritage site 

Cordoba Mosque or Mezquita de Cordoba is one of the oldest monuments in Spain and happens to be one of the most important Islamic buildings in the country, with a fascinating history. Originally built as a mosque in the 8th century by Abd al-Rahman I, it later transformed into a cathedral. The architecture reflects its complex past, such as a mihrab pointing to its history as a mosque, the use of columns that date back to its Roman past, and new Christian additions. Read on to learn more about this historic UNESCO World heritage site. 

Things to know before booking your Cordoba Mosque tickets 

  • Ensure you carry your passports along for this tour, as you will be required to show identification. 
  • Please note that the Cathedral-Mosque is a religious space so your shoulders must be covered at all times and shorts and tank tops are not allowed.
  • Consider choosing combo tickets that include access not only to Cordoba Mosque but also to other popular attractions such as the Alcázar of the Christian Kings and the Jewish Quarters, allowing you to explore more of Cordoba's history and culture.
  • Skip the line and get priority entry tickets to visit the Cordoba Mosque. Learn more about its history on this self guided tour and explore at your own pace. You can also upgrade your tickets to include access to the city's Bell Tower.
  • Keep in mind that choosing a guided tour means that not only will you get skip-the-line access to Cordoba Mosque, but it also includes the service of a knowledgeable tour guide who will tell you all about the history and culture of the Mosque. 
  • Please note that the Cordoba Mosque is wheelchair accessible and pram/stroller accessible. 

Why visit Cordoba Mosque?

Cordoba Mosque
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site: Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984, the Cordoba Mosque attracts visitors from around the globe.
  • Historical Significance: The Cordoba Mosque holds historical significance as one of the world's largest mosques. Built in the 8th century and later transformed into a cathedral in the 12th century. It represents the rich cultural and religious history of Andalusia.
  • Unique Architecture: As the third-largest mosques in the world, the Cordoba Mosque showcases amazing Moorish architecture.The mosque's architectural style has had a influence on subsequent "Moorish" architecture in other parts of the world. The arches, supported by 856 granite pillars and shell-shaped prayer niche are the highlights. 
  • One of Spain’s most famous landmarks: Cordoba Mosque is one of the oldest monuments in Spain. Sprawling over an area of 24,000 square meters, it is one of Spain’s most famous landmarks and is visited by over a million people annually.

Which Cordoba Mosque ticket is best for you?

Mezquita De Cordoba Mosque Fast Track Access

Skip The Line Tickets

Duration: Flexible Duration

  • Beat the crowds and enjoy immediate access to the oldest mosque in Spain, allowing you to enjoy its history and architecture without the hassle of waiting in long lines.
  • Priority entry with skip-the-line tickets allows you to maximize your time and focus on exploring the mosque.
  • Consider upgrading your tickets to access the city's famous Bell Tower, offering panoramic views of Cordoba or upgrading it to a night experience that allows you to see this beautiful mosque illuminated. 

Recommended Tickets

Mezquita De Cordoba Mosque Tickets Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Duration: Depends on the ticket chosen

  • Enjoy skip-the-line access to the Cordoba Mosque, ensuring you can enter the site without waiting in long queues.
  • Benefit from the expertise of a professional local guide who will accompany you throughout the tour, providing insightful commentary and enhancing your understanding of the mosque's Moorish architecture and rich history.
  • The Cordoba Mosque guided tour covers all major highlights within the site. Learn all about its architectural features, including the impressive 856 columns and double arches.

Recommended Tickets

Mezquita De Cordoba Mosque Tickets Combo Tours

Combo Tours

Duration: Flexible duration 

  • If you have limited time available, these combo tickets allow you to maximize your visit by providing quick access to top experiences, ensuring you can cover the city's highlights efficiently.
  • Gain fast-track entry to the Cordoba Mosque, one of Spain's oldest and most iconic structures, which will allow you to spend more time exploring its architecture. 
  • Save money and make the most of your visit to Cordoba by opting for combo tickets that provide access not only to the Cordoba Mosque but also to other popular attractions for cheaper than buying regular tickets. 

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Plan your visit to Cordoba Mosque

Opening Hours
Getting There
Mezquita De Cordoba Mosque Tickets Timings

Mezquita De  Cordoba Mosque Tickets Accessibility
  • Wheelchair accessible: Cordoba Mosque is wheelchair accessible throughout.
  • Disabled toilets: Accessible toilets are available at Cordoba Mosque for visitors with disabilities.
  • Access for guide dogs: Guide dogs are allowed on the premises to assist visitors with visual impairments in navigating the site.
  • Material for visual impairments: Visitors can request materials at the ticket office specifically designed to enhance the experience for the blind, such as tactile or audio resources to help them explore the site.
Mezquita De Cordoba Mosque Tickets Visitor Rules Bell
  • Most visitors prefer reaching Cordoba the night before their visit to appreciate the beauty of the monument in daylight.
  • Cordoba is a lively city with rich traditions and exciting festivals taking place throughout the year. Before you visit, find out what is happening in the city and schedule your visit accordingly.
  • The use of a stand to film or click photographs of celebrations is not allowed.
  • Children must be accompanied by adults at all times.
  • Smoking is absolutely not allowed on the premises.
  • Please ensure you wear appropriate clothing suitable for a holy place of worship. No hats or caps are allowed
cafes near Cordoba Mosque
  • El Soberano: Located just a short walk from the Cordoba Mosque,  approximately 300 meters away, Known for its creative vegetarian tapas and traditional Andalusian dishes with a modern twist, El Soberano is a popular choice among locals and tourists alike.
  • Baraka: Baraka is approximately 600 meters from Cordoba Mosque. This restaurant is known for its diverse menu, featuringMediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes including  falafel wraps and hummus platters.
  • La Tranquera Vegetariano: Around 500 meters from Cordoba Mosque. Here you can enjoy options like vegetarian paella, eggplant lasagna, and chickpea stew, all prepared with locally sourced ingredients and served in a cozy and inviting setting.
  • El Quiosco de la Judería: Located approximately 450 meters away from the Cordoba Mosque, in the Jewish Quarter. Known for its relaxed ambiance and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, the restaurant offers a range of vegetarian tapas, including grilled vegetables, gazpacho, and stuffed peppers.
Hotels near Cordoba Mosque

Budget Hotels: Hotel Boutique Caireles, Pension Cibeles, Hotel Maestre, Hostal La Fuente

Mid-Range Hotels: NH Collection Amistad Cordoba, Eurostars Conquistador, Hospes Palacio del Bailí, Hotel Cordoba Center

Luxury Hotels: Hotel Palacio del Bailío, Hotel Hospes Las Casas del Rey de Baeza, Eurostars Palace

Beyond Cordoba Mosque

Alcazar Of Cordoba
Patios de Cordoba
Roman Bridge of Cordoba

Frequently asked questions about Cordoba Mosque tickets

Is there a specific entry time for the Cordoba Mosque?

Entry times may vary depending on the type of ticket purchased. Some tickets offer skip-the-line access, allowing visitors to enter at their convenience, while others may have designated entry times for guided tours.

What is the cancellation policy of Cordoba Mosque tickets?

Some of the Cordoba Mosque tickets provide a super flexible cancelation policy, where you can get a full refund on the cancelation of the ticket up to 24 hours before the schedule. Make sure to check the details on the ticket before purchasing for further details.

Can I visit the Cordoba Mosque on the same day as other attractions?

Yes, you can purchase combo or guided tour tickets that include access to multiple attractions in Cordoba, allowing you to explore the Cordoba Mosque and other landmarks on the same day.

Is there a dress code for visiting the Cordoba Mosque?

Yes, you are required to dress modestly when visiting the Cordoba Mosque. This typically means covering shoulders and knees, and avoiding clothing that is too revealing.

Are there any restrictions on photography inside the Cordoba Mosque?

Photography for personal use is permitted inside the Cordoba Mosque, but flash photography and tripods are prohibited. Visitors are advised to respect any signage or instructions from staff regarding photography.

What is the duration of a typical visit to the Cordoba Mosque?

On average, a typical visit to the Cordoba Mosque, including exploring the main prayer hall, courtyards, and any additional exhibitions or areas, usually takes around 1.5 to 2 hours. However, for visitors with a keen interest in architecture, history, or religious significance, the visit may extend to 2.5 to 3 hours or more. 

Are there any age restrictions for visiting the Cordoba Mosque?

While there are no specific age restrictions for visiting the Cordoba Mosque, it's essential for parents or guardians to consider whether the environment is suitable for young children or infants. Families should ensure that children are supervised at all times. Additionally, parents should consider whether their children have the maturity to appreciate the historical and architectural significance of the monument.